It is unfortunate that many employees find little or no enjoyment in their jobs. They just go to work and do their job while watching the clock, waiting for their shift to be over. In most cases, it’s not that they dislike their jobs, they simply lack the passion to innovate or do more than what is required. They are not engaged or invested in their work. While some business owners don’t find a lack of employee engagement to be an issue as long as the work is getting done, it can actually be detrimental to the overall health of the company. A lack of employee engagement can have a negative impact on productivity, company morale and employee retention. If you want to keep your workers actively engaged in their work, here is what to do.

Show Respect

Sometimes business owners, managers, and supervisors can come off as condescending. While no one may confront them directly about this, it definitely creates some underlying tension. When interacting with your employees, meet them at eye level. Send direct emails instead of general company memos. Ensure that you have covered all of your bases by remaining clear about instructions and providing the necessary tools for their success. Most importantly, be open to feedback and offer guidance with constructive criticism, 

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Establish Clear Values

Establishing a company’s values is vital and sets the tone for the workplace environment. Only 27% of employees agree with their company’s values, so it is important to involve them when establishing them. Conduct a team meeting and let your employees openly express their vision of what the company’s core values and culture should be. Together, choose those that will best benefit your customers and employees while moving your business forward. Ensure that the end result centers around fair treatment, commitment, and overall high standards.

Recognize Individuality

When trying to increase employee engagement, business owners and managers often make the mistake of thinking that treating all of their employees equally means treating them the same. What motivates employees and creates engagement can vary from one employee to another. This is especially true when it comes to motivating employees who are less engaged. Owners and managers must dig a little more to find out what will spark their engagement and personalize how they motivate less-engaged employees.

Encourage Involvement

Everyone likes to feel like they are part of the team in the workplace so keeping the staff involved is important. Employees naturally feel more invested in their tasks when they have some sort of input about how the company they work for operates. Considering the thoughts and ideas of others makes the workplace culture feel less like a dictatorship and more like a group effort. By communicating the end goal and allowing your employees to participate in achieving it will make them feel honored that you trust their judgment and expertise. 

Show Appreciation

Above all else, employees want to feel like they are an invaluable part of your company. By displaying gratitude for their efforts and sharing the power a bit, you can secure a staff that is perpetually engaged and willing to give their best effort even on the worst of days. You can do this in a number of ways – team building activities, company outings, bonuses and more.

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Cultivating Employee Engagement

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