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Are Factoring Services the Right Funding Solution for Your Business
The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the economy and left many small businesses with insufficient working capital. With businesses beginning to open back up, many suppliers will start to see orders rolling in again. While waiting 30, or 60 days for invoices to be paid may not have been an issue before the pandemic, […]
Payroll Protection Program Forgiveness Process and Tax Implications
Small businesses have been hit hard during the COVID 19 pandemic. Unfortunately, many didn’t survive. Of those that have, some were lucky enough to qualify for the Payroll Protection Program. The funding provided by this program may have been the difference between surviving the economic impact of the pandemic and closing their doors forever. While […]
The Cashless Economy - How it Could Impact Your Small Business
The Cashless Economy - How it Could Impact Your Small Business
There have been cashless societies since the beginning of time. People bartered with goods and services to purchase what they needed. The modern world has been taking small steps toward returning to a cashless economy over the last few decades with debit cards, direct deposits, and payment systems such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Venmo, and […]
Working Capital Funding - Navigating Tough Economic Times
Many businesses are struggling in the wake of the COVID pandemic. Unfortunately, some have been forced to close their doors permanently. Others have had to find new ways to do business. While being able to adapt can help a business remain successful, it typically involves new equipment, new processes, and employee training to use them […]

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