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Category: Small Business Funding

Business Liquidity Risks - Understanding How to Avoid Them
It doesn’t matter if you are a small business or a large corporation, it’s crucial that you constantly monitor your financial situation to ensure liquidity. Of course, it is impossible to be prepared for everything that could cause a liquidity risk. The coronavirus was unexpected and caught many businesses off guard. However, liquidity risks are […]
Working Capital Financing - Bridge the Gap with Alternative Funding
It isn’t uncommon for businesses to experience a shortage of working capital, especially in today’s economic environment. Unfortunately, that same environment is making it difficult for businesses to obtain the working capital financing they need to promote growth and keep their operations on track and moving forward. Banks and other traditional lending institutions are tightening […]
Small Business Equipment Financing - Avoid the Upfront Expense
There’s no getting around it – buying new equipment can put a serious drain on your working capital. For retailers, restaurants, and many other small businesses, the pandemic and its aftermath have caused a shift in business operations. An effective transition to these operational changes often requires new equipment. The expense of obtaining that equipment […]
Small Business Recovery Plan - Reimagine How You Do Business
With any type of disaster that impacts the economy, business owners and managers need to have a recovery plan. There have been a variety of federal disaster recovery loans and grants available throughout the COVID pandemic. While funding is important for a business to survive an economic downturn, it isn’t the only thing business owners […]

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