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Category: Small Business Funding

Small Business Factoring - Generate Capital and Promote Growth
Generating enough capital to grow a small business can be a challenge. It takes approximately between 40 to 60 cents on the dollar to fund new growth. If you’ve been considering alternative funding options, you’ve probably seen or heard the term “factoring” but maybe you’re not exactly sure what it is or how it works. […]
Equipment Financing - Buying vs Leasing Business Equipment
No matter the size of a business, purchasing equipment is a big expense. Having the proper equipment is vital to the success of any business and without it, business growth is all but impossible. Obtaining equipment can be financially challenging, especially for a small business. The purchase can significantly impact your working capital, maybe even […]
Small Business Funds - Merchant Cash Advance vs Invoice Factoring
It can be tough for a small business to secure a traditional bank loan, especially with a limited credit history or financial performance. Even if the loan is eventually approved, the time it takes from application to approval is often longer than most business owners can wait. If you’re a business owner researching alternative financing […]

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