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Category: Small Business Funding

Coming Up Short on Business Credit? Consider Alternative Finance
Getting enough business credit can be a struggle for a small business owner. This is often due to less than perfect credit. However, even if you have great credit, without a long credit history it can be difficult to impossible to have your bank or credit card company extend the credit you need to grow […]
Purchase Order Financing - Stay One Step Ahead of Business Growth
When you own a small business, you are always working to cultivate growth. Business growth can sometimes be unpredictable, accelerating so quickly that you find yourself struggling to keep up with the demand. If sales growth or seasonal sales spikes are outpacing your working capital, purchase order financing could be an effective solution. When to […]
Business Technology - Remain Competitive with Equipment Financing
Business Technology – Remain Competitive with Equipment Financing In today’s marketplace, business technology is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. The constant evolution of technology can make it tough to know what is right for your business. While these advances can also make it financially challenging, keeping your business technology up-to-date is crucial if […]

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