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Category: Small Business Cash Advance

Small Business Funding – Looking Back at 2016 and Ahead to 2017
Small businesses are booming, thanks to the help of online business lending. With so many small business owners getting turned away for bank loans, they had to look somewhere else. Luckily, alternative lenders stepped up to keep the lifeblood of the economy pumping. Because of that, 2016 saw the resurrection of the small business. What […]
Using Merchant Cash Advances to Market Your Business
Marketing and advertising are crucial for any size business but they are especially important for small businesses. No matter the industry you’re in, a small business will have a good amount of competition. If you do not have a solid marketing strategy, your business could fall behind. Merchant cash advances help businesses acquire the funds […]
How Seasonal Strains Can Impact Small Business Capital
There are so many things a merchant needs to do to get ready for the holidays. With Thanksgiving right around the corner and the holiday shopping season about to explode, you’ve probably already made sure that you have everything you need. Now that you’re all stocked up, there’s only one thing missing – cash. Small […]
How to Expand Your Business: Alternative Financing Can Help
For small business owners, the biggest challenge can be taking that next step to grow and expand. Whether it is opening up a new location, expanding a current location, or just adding more services for your customers, growth takes time and money. Small businesses don’t usually have the capital that large or even medium size […]

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