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Category: Purchase Order Financing

The Benefits of Purchase Order Funding for Small Business Growth
When trying to grow your business, cash flow can often be an issue. As the size of incoming orders increases, small business owners can find themselves struggling to cover the cost of the goods to fill those larger orders. Unfortunately, this can result in pushing back delivery dates until the goods can be purchased. In […]
Growth Funding Options - Keep Your Small Business Moving Forward
Business growth is the goal of every small business. Once you’ve determined that your business is strong enough to successfully sustain growth, you need to decide what you’ll need to make it happen. Whether it’s a product, service or geographical expansion, you’re probably going to need a little extra working capital. Historically, a business owner […]
Why Alternative Funding for Small Business is on the Rise
Many small businesses feel the current business-financing environment is limiting their ability to grow their business. According to the Pepperdine Private Capital Access Index, a quarterly indicator produced by Pepperdine Graziadio Business School, the demand for small business capital is up while successful access to capital is down with many types of traditional finance providers. […]

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