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Purchase Order Financing for Small Business Can Promote Growth
Opportunities for business growth such as receiving larger orders or bigger accounts often arrive unexpectedly. If a business owner is caught off guard with insufficient working capital, they traditionally had two choices. They could apply for a business loan, adding debt to their balance sheet or be forced to let the opportunity pass them by, […]
The Cashless Economy - How it Could Impact Your Small Business
The Cashless Economy - How it Could Impact Your Small Business
There have been cashless societies since the beginning of time. People bartered with goods and services to purchase what they needed. The modern world has been taking small steps toward returning to a cashless economy over the last few decades with debit cards, direct deposits, and payment systems such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Venmo, and […]
Lack of Working Capital - Avoid the Fallout with Alternative Finance
It’s a common occurrence for many small business owners. At one time or another, they will probably experience a lack of working capital. How they deal with it can significantly impact the future of their business. The funding options offered by alternative finance companies can often help small business owners avoid some of the common […]

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