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Category: Direct Business Lending

Blockchain Technology and its Impact on Small Business
As a small business owner, you may have heard of blockchain technology but you’re not really sure what it is or how it could change the way you do business. Blockchain is most commonly known as the technology that powers the virtual currency bitcoin. The majority of new blockchain applications will probably emerge in the […]
Alternative Lenders and Bank Partnerships
The recession of 2008 caused a lending crunch that resulted in a significant decrease in banks granting small business loans. This left owners scrambling to secure the working capital necessary to keep their businesses growing. The lack of bank financing opened the door for alternative lenders which has changed the landscape of small business lending […]
Small Business Funding – Looking Back at 2016 and Ahead to 2017
Small businesses are booming, thanks to the help of online business lending. With so many small business owners getting turned away for bank loans, they had to look somewhere else. Luckily, alternative lenders stepped up to keep the lifeblood of the economy pumping. Because of that, 2016 saw the resurrection of the small business. What […]

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