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Inventory Funding Can Take the Stress Out of Holiday Stocking
Many businesses look to the holiday season to put them in the black before the year’s end, especially retail businesses. However, as much as a business looks forward to boosting its revenue, being prepared for holiday success can put a strain on an already tight budget. This is where inventory funding comes in. Purchasing Holiday […]
Understanding Business Liquidity - What Business Owners Should Know
When it comes to evaluating the financial health of your business, liquidity is a key indicator. Every business owner should understand all the factors that affect liquidity and be able to determine the liquidity of their business.  If this key indicator is ignored, then there is the potential for liquidity risk. Let’s start by defining […]
Boosting Business Cash Flow - Alternative or Traditional Financing?
As a fledgling small business owner, you are faced with the daunting task of taking your business to the next level. It takes time and patience to build up a customer base and acquire steady sales. Initially, you may not be generating enough revenue to sustain day-to-day operations and promote growth. Most small businesses need […]
Navigating PPP Forgiveness - It Just Got a Little Easier
Nothing about COVID and the economic fallout has been easy. Among those hit the hardest were our small businesses  Despite the financial lifeboat that the Payroll Protection Program provided, some of those businesses still went under. For those that remained afloat, the struggle continues. Many businesses had to shift their business model and redesign their […]

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